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What is Terrazzo?
Terrazzo coating is one of the most preferred coating models in home decorations recently. Questions about Terrazzo, which gives a modern look to the area it is used, are frequently asked: What is Terrazzo, What are its Advantages and How is Terrazzo Applied? Enjoyable reading in our article on what you need to know about Terrazzo, the new trend of home decoration.
First of all, let's see where it came from;

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To briefly touch upon the historical background of Terrazzo.
Terrazzo, which dates back to 1500 years, was first applied by Italian marble masters in Venice in the 16th century and emerged as a low-cost flooring material. The first use of terrazzo, which literally means "terrace" in Italian; As the workers started to use marble waste to resurface the terraces surrounding their living spaces, decorative surfaces were obtained, and thus this recycling method, which Italian workers found, has been used until today. Terrazzo is one of the oldest environmental materials known in history.
Terrazzo has started to be preferred today with its wide application areas and is used by architects in many areas with its stylish, shine and aesthetic appearance on floors.
So, What Is Terrazzo?

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Classic terrazzo is a mixture of marble pieces called aggregates and a cementitious binder called matrix. It is flexible and can be used indoors and outdoors. The aggregates used in the terrazzo application are marble, basalt, granite, mirror, colored glass, mussel shells and a mixture of various aggregates and solid materials by mixing them with a resin-based binder and pouring in place.
In fact, Terrazzo offers endless color and design options as a durable, hygienic and low-maintenance flooring option. In terrazzo construction, the options are endless.
Today, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of terrazo is terrazzo, which provides a stronger, thinner material with a wider selection of colors, faster installation and a flat surface, and is less susceptible to cracking.
Depending on the type of materials used, terrazzo can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Terrazzo Advantages
Terrazzo offers many benefits to commercial and residential buildings. It is a versatile flooring system. Today, terrazzo has seen a rise in popularity among architects and designers, and as a result, terrazzo has become a staple in many construction projects around the world. This is because terrazzo has properties that aid in the form and function of a building. These features include:
• Durability
• Unlimited Design
• Low Maintenance and Low Cost
• Sustainability
• Bacterial resistance
• Slip resistance

• Today there is evidence that mosaic floors installed centuries ago rise above the structures themselves. With the creation of epoxy terrazzo, terrazzo is now more durable than before.
• Terrazzo is one of the most durable and cost-effective flooring systems available today. The material withstands a high amount of pressure, making it ideal for public buildings with high daily traffic. These buildings include schools and universities, public buildings, hospitals, airports, restaurants and stadiums that benefit from terrazzo flooring. Because terrazzo is built to last, it is rare for terrazzo to be replaced. Even if the terrazzo is damaged over time, repairs come at a fraction of the cost than a first floor installation.
• Unlimited Design

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If you are looking for a flooring system with excellent design opportunities, there is no flooring system like terrazzo. This is because terrazzo gives architects and designers the option to create almost any design imaginable. The floor is a canvas for one's own design preference. From minimalist or ornate to monochromatic or colorful, terrazzo puts you in control of the design.
• With the expansion of epoxy terrazzo over the years, terrazzo offers an unlimited color palette to choose from. What's more, the aggregates also come in a variety of color options. Marble chips and recycled glass chips come in different colors and textures and are cut to a specific size for floor design.
• Low Maintenance and Low Cost

• Floor cleaning is inevitable; however, terrazzo is a low-maintenance flooring system. This means that once a terrazzo tile is complete, a terrazzo tile is easy to clean and maintain. With a routine cleaning procedure and occasional resealing, terrazzo floors will remain beautiful. This system works great in large areas.
• Terrazzo maintenance costs are at a minimum. When you take the right steps to protect the floor, there is very little chance of foreign matter damaging it. Years from now, property owners may find terrazzo to be a worthwhile investment.

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