Eco-Friendly Tiles

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In today’s world, being kind to the planet isn’t just a fashion statement. Long-lasting, natural materials not only look great, but they send less waste to landfill and stay beautiful in the home for longer. There are so many benefits to using eco-friendly tiles and we want to let you know more about how we’re trying to do our bit.

Throughout this article, you’ll hear the word ‘encaustic’, ‘cement’ and ‘encaustic cement tiles’. These terms can all be used to describe cement tiles. We use them over ceramic tiles because they don’t require a glaze as part of their construction. To create the glaze, it needs to be heated at a very high temperature, which doesn’t do the environment any favours. 

We don’t kiln-fire our encaustic tiles, which means they require less energy to produce. This, in turn, leads to a cleaner production process, releasing less carbon dioxide. This is great news for the environment. It also means that our tiles have a longer lifespan because we completely transform encaustic cement tiles by layering marble chips on the surface area. This gives them a beautiful terrazzo look, and creates a thicker top layer that makes them hard-wearing and more resistant to wear and tear.

They can be re-polished years later to keep them looking their best, especially because of our layering technique and top layer thickness. Re-polishing will add timeless style to your home and will instantly transform your space with exquisite designs you’ll love. As a result, there will be a reduced chance of the tiles going to landfill only a short time from now.

At the end of their useful lives, our encaustic tiles can be reclaimed and recycled. They’re often used as a filling material, particularly in construction projects because they’re made of natural materials and contain no harmful substances.


Sustainability is becoming such a key aspect for buyers that it’s so important we follow these steps to help create a greener, more sustainable environment. By being conscious of our surroundings and using processes and techniques that have less of an environmental impact, you’re not only left with a great quality product, but you’ll be left with tiles you’ll cherish for years and years to come.

Whether you’re looking to transform a commercial space or your home, contact us today for more information.

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