About Us

Decorti Cement Tiles has been established to bring unique and timeless encaustic tiles to the forefront of interior design. These tiles first appeared in the 1850’s, as a durable alternative to traditional ceramic tiles, unlimited in their possibilities for colours and patterns.

We have entered the market with a keen eye to add beauty and value to these traditional tiles, and to make them easily accessible for you. We want to provide you with exquisite designs, without adding extra time or expense to the process. With a workshop in Kocaeli, Turkey, we’ve cut out the middle man, and now facilitate the bespoke tile production process, reducing delivery times for architects, interior designers and homeowners alike.

We are a small expert team, working closely with designers to create variety of cement tile collections that combine both modern day trends and traditional craftsmanship to the highest standards. . They are well attuned to customer specifications and ensure all products meet the grade.

we are passionate about bringing you the highest quality of products.